Satellite connectivity and mobility through KYMETA technology

22 October 2019

KYMETA, the most recent partnership of Seromni group, has as mission to unlock the untapped potential of satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to satisfy the overwhelming market demand for global ubiquitous mobile connectivity, whether on land or at the sea.

KYMETA's greatest advantage and differentiating factor over its competition lies in the unique design of its K7 flat antenna which, using innovative manufacturing methods, can provide a flat, fixed, light-free antenna, with low weight and low power consumption, easy to install, maintenance-free and easy to use.

Among various possible applications, Armed and Security Forces, Civil Protection or Coastguard, as well as fleet management, passenger transport companies, railway, yachts, maritime transport and offshore platforms will be some of the customers that will benefit from this new technology, now made available by the group.

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