New products u[sonic] WS

26 September 2019

Our Partner LAMBRECHT meteo, that develops and produces meteorological measuring equipment and data loggers for professional applications, launched this summer the weather combined sensors u[sonic] WS.

The u[sonic]WS has high levels of reliability and accuracy and is the newest, most compact and system-capable addition to the Lambrecht meteo weather sensor series. The sensors has no moving measuring elements and are therefore low maintenance. The intelligent heating system works in relation to the wind speed and direction and keeps the sensor ice-free even under extreme weather conditions. Currently there are two available models: u[sonic]WS6 and u[sonic] WS7. u[sonic] WS6 allows to measure 6 weather parameters: wind direction and speed, air temperature, rel. humidity, barometric pressure, dew point.
The WS7 also allows to measure the global radiation..

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