Apollo 9904x from “Ribbon-ECI” recognized in Lightwave 2020 Innovation Reviews

17 March 2020

Ribbon Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: RBBN), and ECI Telecom Group Ltd. (together, “Ribbon-ECI”), announced that their Apollo 9904x line has been recognized as one of the best Optical Transport Systems in the industry in the 2020 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. Ribbon and ECI announced the close of their merger on March 3, 2020.

The Lightwave Innovation Reviews recognize excellence in products, services and technology applicable to optical networks. Technology developers are invited to submit new or recently enhanced products or services for review by an independent panel of judges. This year’s judging panel included executives from network operators, technology vendors and industry research and analysis firms. Each entry is reviewed by at least three judges, who rate the entry on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0 based on its innovation and potential contribution to customer success.

A “Ribbon-ECI” recebeu a pontuação de Honoree de 4,0. O diretor editorial da Lightwave e gerente de programa da Lightwave Innovation 2020, Stephen Hardy, comentou que “Este programa reconhece e recompensa os principais produtos e serviços disponíveis para a indústria de comunicações óticas. O facto do Apollo OPT9904x alcançar o estatuto de homenageado é um testemunho de inovação."

Ribbon-ECI received the Honoree Score of 4.0. Lightwave editorial director and program manager of 2020 Lightwave Innovation Reviews, Stephen Hardy said: “This program recognizes and rewards the top products and services available to the optical communications industry. That Apollo OPT9904x achieved Honoree status is a testament to Ribbon-CI’s innovation.”

Ribbon-ECI’s Apollo 9904x extends the benefits of OTN (Optical Transport Network) switching to the network edge, helping network operators achieve greater competitiveness in the delivery of transport and packet services to business customers. A broad range of clients can benefit from low cost per bit to construct basic to complex optical networks with the deployment of the Apollo 9904x.

The judges’ comments about the Apollo 9904x included: “Solid product for business service offerings by providing low-cost Layer 1 and Layer 2 pipes to customers. The contentionless pipe is a strong way to offer business services and the ability to increase the pipe size on a card-by-card basis is a cost savings feature. Automatic switching in meshed networks is another important feature.”

ECI solutions are recognized by the third consecutive year by Lightwave Innovation reviews (in 2018 with board TM200EN Per-Service Encryption, in 2019 with card Apollo TM1200 1.2T and this year with Apollo 9904x).

We congratulate “Ribbon-ECI” for this new achievement.

Press release for this article is accessible in the following address http://bit.ly/RibECI1.