Satellite communications demonstration on-the-move (Kymeta u7 & Gilat Capricorn)

03 September 2020

Omnitécnica, in its more than 50 years of existence, has always developed and implemented innovative products and technologies in the area of ​​telecommunications. It is with great enthusiasm that we bring to Portugal the first fully flat satellite antenna for mobile and fixed platforms.

The u7 antenna of our partner Kymeta, light and narrow with 70 cm in diameter uses Beamforming technology for processing satellite signals, using metamaterials that allow pointing to a satellite without the need for any physical antenna movement.

Currently, Kymeta is already in the pre-launch phase for the new version of its flat SATCOM antenna, model u8, which obviously represents an evolution in relation to the antenna in demonstration. The solution installed in the Seromni Group vehicle allows our customers and partners to see on the spot the potential for communication in motion via a completely flat antenna, free from mechanical movements and without the need to stop for satellite communication be effective.

The SATCOM communication solution is complemented by the use of a Gilat modem, model CAPRICORN PRO.

More technical information about Kymeta u7 antenna and Capricorn modem can be found at the following links:

Kymeta u7:

Gilat Capricorn: ​