Upgradeable network and communications infrastructure

28 February 2020

Upgradeable network and communications infrastructure

With the focus on the diversification and quality of offered products and services, Omnitécnica started a partnership with the American company PATTON, a technology company focused on communications infrastructures.

Optical fiber transport equipment is in high demand because of fiber’s electrical isolation characteristics, bandwidth expansion capabilities, excellent security properties, ability to transmit information error-free over great distances, and because it has become substantially less expensive than copper cabling.

FiberPlex’s electrical to optical converters cover those demands, providing transparent conversion for exchanging data of diverse media formats such as analog or digital audio/video, Ethernet, serial data, various telecommunications formats, as well as control signals and relay contacts.

Os conversores eletro-óticos Fiberplex cobrem essas exigências, disponibilizando uma conversão “transparente” para troca de dados de diversos formatos de media, tais como Audio/Video digital e analógico, Ethernet, Dados série, vários formatos de telecomunicações, assim como sinais de control e contactos de relé.
This way, companies can benefit from an upgrade to a fiber infrastructure in a cost-effective way by allowing companies to continue using their copper-based ethernet equipment over a fiber optic link to take advantage of the benefits of fiber.

Patton offers an extensive choice of fiber media converters solutions:

TD-6010 (commercial) or FOI-6010 (industrial)


SFP to SFP - single SKU for various conversion types

  • 10/100/1000/10000Mbps to multimode or singlemode fiber;
  • 3G-SDI, DVI, HDMI, 4K video to multimode or singlemode fiber;
  • Multimode to singlemode conversion;
  • MADI, DANTE, AVB to multimode or singlemode fiber;
  • Hot swappable SFP modules.
TIS-6510/6511 (commercial) or FIS-6510/6511 (industrial)

Wideband RF to Fiber - 10Mghz to 3Ghz
Enables the use of radio frequency and fiber optics in a single system. 

(FIS) TIS-6510/6511                                             
The 6510 fiber receiver and 6511 fiber transmitter provide a high performance, high reliability, transparent cross-site connection between RF communications equipment. They are ideal for L-Band, low frequency radio and distribution of wireless standards such as cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

The ultra-wide dynamic range results in negligible degradation of signals due to noise or inter-modulation effects.

Available in commercial and military packaging.